Dynamical Modeling and Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of a Coaxial Dual-Rotor System


  • Yubin Yue Beijing Information Science Technology University
  • Hongjun Wang China Academy of Machinery Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., China & Beijing Information Science Technology University & Key Laboratory of Modern Measurement and Control Technology, Ministry of Education, BISTU & Beijing International Science Cooperation Base of High-end Equipment Intelligent Perception and Control
  • Shenglun Zhang School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Beijing Information Science Technology University, Beijing 100192




The dual-rotor structure is the primary excitation source of aero-engine vibration. It is essential to study the dynamical model and analyse the dynamic characteristics such as critical speed and the unbalanced response for rotor system dynamics. The coaxial dual-rotor support scheme of an aero-engine was introduced in the previous work, and the physical model with a high-speed flexible inner rotor of a sizeable length-diameter ratio has been designed. Then a finite element dynamic model based on the Timoshenko beam elements and rigid body kinematics of the dual-rotor system is modelled, with the Newmark-β method and Newton-Raphson method used for the numerical calculation to study the dynamic characteristics of the system. Three different simulation models, including beam-based FE (1D finite element) model, solid-based FE (3D finite element) model, and TM (transfer matrix) model, were designed to study the characteristics of mode and the critical speed characteristic of the dual-rotor system. The unbalanced response of the dual-rotor system was analysed to study the influence of mass unbalance on the rotor system. The effect of different disc unbalance phases and different speed ratios on the dynamic characteristics of the dual-rotor system were investigated in detail. The experimental result shows that the beam-based FE model is effective and suitable for studying the dual-rotor system.


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Yue, Y., Wang, H., & Zhang, S. (2024). Dynamical Modeling and Dynamic Characteristics Analysis of a Coaxial Dual-Rotor System. Journal of Dynamics, Monitoring and Diagnostics. https://doi.org/10.37965/jdmd.2024.524



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